Advancing Network Connectivity Silicons

 JLSemi is pushing the boundary of Ethernet technology. Mixed-signal innovations with high-speed Analog and DSP designs implemented in advance process nodes, JLSemi’s PHY and SoC products deliver industry-leading performance in range, resilience, power and cost.


Led by renowned Silicon Valley veterans with proven track records in producing billions of semiconductor chips for mass markets, JLSemi team is a mixed group of world-class engineers worked in top semiconductor companies and passionate young talents graduated from top universities. 



EtherNext™ technology is an innovation in Ethernet PHY, it combines a unique mixed-signal architecture with integrated intelligence delivering high throughput up to 10s of Gbps at industry-leading cable length and low power consumption.


We are committed to provide highest value to our customers. Our innovations in architecture and design offer unparalleled performance at lowest power. We partner with world-class foundries to use advanced process nodes and implement stringent QA process to ensure highest quality standard.




Auto PHY Technology Announcement

JLSemi Limited today announced successful development of an automotive 1000Base-T1/100Base-T1 Ethernet PHY technology fully compliant with IEEE 802.3bw and IEEE 802.3bp standards. Based on company’s innovative mixed-signal architecture implemented in advanced CMOS process, the technology enables data transmission at 1Gbps or 100Mbps over a single twisted pair (STP), achieving industry-best cable length and EMC/EMI performance at significant lower power, compared to leading solutions on the market.  
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